Web Design & Usability

UNCG’s Web Design and Usability MOOC is broken up into five separate units that collectively seek to help you answer one big question: How do I design, develop, and evaluate usable digital environments?

In order to help you answer this question, the course has five guiding learning outcomes centered around your ability to:

  • Apply usability principles.
  • Apply user-centered design.
  • Apply ADDIE systems design process.
  • Develop a highly usable website.
  • Articulate history and emerging trends in web design and usability.

The five units are designed so that you can take each independently of the others, but collectively they are sequenced to build on one another. The five units are:

Unit 1: Usability
Unit 2: User-Centered Design
Unit 3: ADDIE Systems Design And Development Process
Unit 4: Empirical and Non-Empirical Usability Evaluation and Testing
Unit 5: History of the Web and Usability


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