Virtual Webinars

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, we have shifted our face-to-face programs to a virtual setting. Please continue to check back as we will continue to develop and post resources related to strengthening relationships of all kinds throughout the pandemic!

10/28/20: Recognizing, Overcoming, & Preventing Burnout

10/23/20: Talking to Children About Race & Racism

10/13/20: How to Maintain Healthy Relationships During Election Season

10/1/20: Building Healthy Communication & Setting Healthy Boundaries

8/19/20: Healthy Work Relationships in a Remote World

6/29/20: When Alcohol Use Becomes Abuse

5/20/20: Setting Boundaries When Working From Home

4/21/20: Parents, Teens and Technology

Listen to the Podcast Here!

4/13/20: Staying Connected While Social Distancing

Listen to the Podcast Here!

4/6/20: Parenting young children during the Coronavirus pandemic

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