It Takes a Team

Welcome. My name is Dr. Julie Smith I’m a clinical psychologist and a member of the staff at Healthy Relationships Initiative. I’m also a professor of psychology at UNC Greensboro and I have three children myself. Here at HRI, we believe in the saying – There is no I in T-E-A-M!  And when it comes to parenting, you will definitely feel the value of helpers as you raise your child. There are so many steps and decisions facing you as a parent. You can quickly start to feel overwhelmed.

But, take heart – we have put together this program to help you consider how you can build your parenting TEAM. As you go through different phases of your life, members of your parenting TEAM may come and go – but relying on your teammates can be part of a winning strategy for you and your child. In this video, you will learn steps to take to form and strengthen your T.E.A.M. The steps are:

T – Take time for reflection

E – evaluate your needs

A – Access available resources

M – Make a plan for building your parenting team.