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Podcast Episode 17 (10/18/19): Effective Co-Parenting after Divorce, featuring Amanda Kirby
Podcast Episode 16 (10/4/19): Technology in Couple Relationships, featuring Dr. Emily Campbell
Podcast Episode 15 (9/20/19): Maintaining Healthy Relationships Throughout Cancer Treatment, featuring Dr. Alli Forti
Podcast Episode 14 (9/6/19): Parents, Teens, & Technology, featuring Dr. Christine Murray & Dr. Mikey Jensen
Podcast Episode 13 (8/9/19): Sending Your Kid to College Featuring TJ Foster III, Associate Campus Pastor at Daystar Church and former college admissions counselor
Podcast Episode 12 (7/17/19): Healthy Relationships in Older Adulthood
Podcast Episode 11 (7/12/19): Easing K-12 School Transitions
Podcast Episode 10 (5/17/19): Problem-Solving for Couples, featuring Dr. Levi Baker from the UNCG Department of Psychology
Podcast Episode 9 (5/3/19): Self-Care for Busy Parents, featuring Rachel Hutto, LPC, of Be Still Counseling
Podcast Episode 8 (4/19/19): Getting Your Teen to Talk With You, featuring Brenda Stubbs, Health Educator with March of Dimes
Podcast Episode 7 (4/5/19): Supporting a Partner Who Has a History of Trauma, featuring Joy Kelly, M.S., Ed.S., LPCA
Podcast Episode 6 (3/15/19): Couples & Money, featuring Tom Luzon, Director of the Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater Greensboro´╗┐
´╗┐Podcast Episode 5 (3/1/19): Teamwork in Parenting, featuring Dr. Julie Mendez, Professor in the UNCG Department of Psychology
Podcast Episode 4 (2/15/19): Healthy Dating Relationships, featuring Robin Campbell, MS, NCC, LPC, Director of the Bennett College Counseling Center
Podcast Episode 3 (2/1/19): Bonding with Your Child, featuring Dr. Esther Leerkes, Professor in the UNCG Department of Human Development and Family Studies
Podcast Episode 2 (1/18/19): Healthy Boundaries in Relationships, featuring Allison Pow, Ph.D, LPC
Podcast Episode 1 (1/4/19): Parenting and Discipline featuring Anita Faulkner, LPCS, of Family Solutions

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