Unit 1

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    • u1 Section 1
      Choose one of the tasks and compare and contrast at least two vendors in terms of usability:
      • How relevant was their site in enabling you to complete the task? (Don’t actually do it or spend any money. ☺)
      • How easy-to-use was their site?
      Choose one of the following:
      • I need to purchase two movie tickets.
      • I want to browse the headline news for the day.
      • I need to purchase a black leather coat.
      Compare and contrast at least two sites and post your comparisons below.
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    • u1 Section 2
      Using the seven factors of usability select a common task and provide a good and bad example (try not to use the search feature) and post them in a new topic.
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    • u1 Section 3
      Identify a website and who you think are the primary users of the website. Identify three to five information priorities in rank order. Now try and find each of them.
      • Was it easy find?
      • Was the information good and easy-to-use?
      • How might they improve?
      Post your response as a new topic.
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    • u1 Section 4
      You are designing a website for a dog food company.
      1. Name two primary users of the site.
      2. List a top five set of needs these users would have.
      3. List a top three set of organizational goals this company might have.
      Post your response as a new topic.
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