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    Yahoo News and CNN both had a headline news section or sections in addition to human interest sections. Both had news relevant to the day, but surprisingly, Yahoo News had more headline news-of-the-day stories while CNN had more human interest/science news stories. If my task was expressly to find news-of-the-day or headline pieces, Yahoo News was better.

    Both sites were easy to use, but CNN scored a bit higher in that it was easier to see multiple story lines listed by title while Yahoo News devoted more space to video or still photos along with the headline. For many of the stories, Yahoo News also included blurbs about the subject of the story. The blurbs were nice summaries that often gave enough information that I didn’t even need to read the article. But, again, the downside of that is the amount of space required to house a headline news title within the photo, video photo, or blurb. The appearance of CNN’s website made it easier to access the headline news stories, and it looked more professional.

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    I compared CNN and MSNBC and found that both were fairly easy to use. I give the edge to CNN ,though, because to me their site looks better organized. There are tabs for categories such as sports, entertainment, and opinion as opposed to MSNBC which is more organized by whatever subjects are trending or the network’s personalities.

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    For this activity, I looked at BBC and NBC news websites. In response to website design and usability, I found the BBC homepage offered better visuals to text ratios and seemed fairly easy to navigate. The BBC offers world news so you can use tabs on the homepage to jump to region or topic. NBC was mainly text books scattered throughout the homepage. I found that if you scrolled down you saw a bit more structured blocks relating to regional or local news, but on a whole I found it very cluttered visually. In terms of content, they both seemed to offer a variety of news and entertainment on their homepages with highlights and larger news stories featured more prominently. While BBC will not offer me local news in my location, it would still be my preferred site for regional and global news in terms of website design.

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