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    As per the instructions in the Unit 4, Section 2 activity area, please test my site at My test questions from Unit 3 are as follows: a) Do you like the site? b) Why or why not? c) Is it easy to navigate? d) Does it help you in the way you want when you go on it? e) Do you have any recommendations for how to make it better?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Here are is the test scenario for my site at You are the parent of two teenagers and it is week #6 (out of 11) of summer vacation. The kids have had enough of the community building and have already read about 50 books apiece. They are now complaining about being bored and they are asking you for ideas. You and they go into my site and get some affordable, local ideas that teenagers actually enjoy engaging in! Please tell me whether that is how you experience the site. It is not complete yet, as I wanted to just get it going at this point, but in the future it will contain more content regarding events and a calendar as well.

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