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    One interface I struggle to navigate is the Intranet for the library system I work for. Getting to any information takes quite a bit of hunting. For example, getting to circulation policies & procedures is several clicks from the homepage but it is probably one of the most accessed information by front line staff while working a service desk. The Intranet has a search function, but it is hit or miss with the keywords it will pull results for. The lack of usability has led our branch to duplicate the information we often need to access into our google drive rather than use the Intranet we don’t find to be usable/where the relevant information isn’t easily accessible.

    I use Office 365/OneDrive everyday for work and for school. Online access to OneNote (I use Word and Excel as well, OneNote simply works for me when moving back and forth between multiple assignments or work projects within the same screen) makes it easy for me to jump from computer to computer and continue what I’m working on and I can even access it from my phone/tablet if I need to. The desktop and mobile interfaces are simple to navigate and the service is reliable, granted I have an internet connection. There’s also an offline traditional/full desktop version that can be utilized in a pinch if internet connection is not a possibility.

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    I have really no clue where to start this course. I think something is wrong with my browser, I’ll check. https://google.com

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    This might sound a little silly, but as I sit in my living room I can’t help but think of the high usability of our “baby jail.” It’s a very large, self-standing indoor playard that we got for our infant son (who is now a toddler). It is super easy and fast to set up. Any other parents will know how important that is! With just a few twists of the wrist you can complete the loop and create a self-standing circular playard, or twist in the other direction and easily fold it up. When folded it doesn’t take up any more storage space than a traditional single doorway-width baby gate, so it can even travel with us. Plus my husband devised a way to secure the two ends so that we can use it as one loooooong baby gate that spans the width of our living room. Now that our son is a toddler, that gives him the freedom to explore the entire living room and kitchen, but keeps him away from the fireplace and computer and TV cables. For only $60, we are getting more than our money’s worth from it!

    I’ll use something of my son’s for my low usability example as well! His infant wading pool. I only paid $7 for it, so at least I’m not out of much money, but it has THREE different sections to inflate before you can use it, which takes about half an hour with a hand pump. (I’d probably pass out if I tried to inflate by mouth.) Then it takes another 15 minutes to fill with water. With the length of time that it takes to inflate, I’d rather inflate it once at the start of summer and then leave it inflated for a couple months, but then I have to store a rather large object. It’s far from perfect, but we figured out that we can store it, inflated, behind an outdoor sofa on our deck. I hate that we can see this bright blue half-circle sticking up behind the couch when we’re enjoying our deck, but I also would hate to have to re-inflate the thing every week. No-win.

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    In response to sarasladwick, I have a similar experience with my staff intranet. The user interface has a news update section that is somewhat clunky and information is quickly lost on the scrolling wall of posts. Forms are located in several different locations on the site, which can create confusion for staff to find out where to go for particular items. The positives about the current intranet is that it does offer staff at various branches the ability to quickly reference system wide policy information and staff directories. I would however state that often these online forms are not updated and you may still need to contact a particular staff member to get up to date information. Access, usability, content, and site design all play a role in the success of a staff intranet. In regard to usability, the staff intranet is a mixed bag but the concept is currently be re-tooled into a new staff intranet infrastructure which hopefully will make referencing information easier for all library staff.

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