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    These questions make me think of where I choose to get gas for my car most frequently. I almost always go to Sheetz because it is high in both utility and ease-of-use. Not only is it located almost right in front of my apartment, I can also grab reasonably priced coffee there, and use my rewards card to gain points to help me save money later. There are a lot of gas pumps, so I have never had to wait to get gas, and several cashiers so I’ve never had to wait very long inside either.

    Poor usability makes me think of the Starbucks area at a Barnes and Noble near where I live. Not only have I never had quick service there, I’ve also never been able to study or do homework there for very long–which is usually my primary reason for visiting a B&N. This is mostly because there are no outlets that are compatible with my computer, and only one that works anyway. There are always a lot of people trying to get to that single outlet, which is far from convenient. I also cannot use my starbucks card there, since it’s part of B&N, and I consistently get burned coffee.

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