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    My smartphone is probably one of my most useful possessions, and it’s pretty simple to use. I think smartphones are so popular because of how high they are in both utility and ease of use. Through using these phones, people are able to access information and apps, communicate with others, and even play games. It’s because of all this that smartphones top the list for me.
    On the other hand, my car is lower on the scale of utility. I still drive the first car I’ve ever owned, and it’s starting to lose some of it’s function. For instance, the driver’s side window doesn’t roll down, and the defrost is very temperamental. While it still gets me to where I need to be, it would have a lot more utility if it was fully functional.

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    I have to say that my smartphone is also high on my list of useful items. I use it for just about everything, including logging into class! This past week I have been in an area with very limited internet access but was still able to access certain sites on my phone and even get a couple of assignments done for my classes. Almost all the music I listen to anymore is through my smartphone. It is also great for organizing and making lists. It is hard to think of any part of my daily life that is not improved my it in some way.

    The only item I can think of right now that is not very useful is a hair dryer I recently stopped using. One of the main reasons I stopped using it was because the plug would not stay plugged in to any outlet. When I am in a hurry trying to get ready for work and cannot dry my hair because I have to keep plugging the dryer back in, it can be extremely frustrating. I purchased a new dryer a few weeks ago that works much better.

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