U1: Usability




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Video Transcript
Hi, my name is Dr. Anthony Chow and welcome to Unit 1. I’m here at the Elliot University Center here at the campus of UNCG, and behind me is an outdoor fountain—an outdoor area where students and faculty hang out. Let’s talk usability. This unit is broken up into four sections.

  • Section 1 we’ll discuss how usability is a primary part of your life every day.
  • Section 2 goes in depth in terms of what usability actually is: how it’s formally defined and what specific factors operationalize it.
  • Section 3 takes a step back and looks at what information-seeking behavior actually is, and how aligning what people are looking for with what information you’re providing makes everything a whole lot easier.
  • Finally, Section 4 connects usability with the basic sound fundamentals of information and interface design of websites.

Now also, let me introduce you to the UNCG Spartan, who will be joining me in all my introductions. Thanks for joining me, Spiro. Ready to begin? Let’s do this.