U2: User-Centered Design

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user-centered design

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Video Transcript
Hi. This is Dr. Anthony Chow. And I’m here in a School of Ed computer lab—one of our state-of-the-art computer labs. We’re going to talk about Unit 2: Designing your information spaces for how people are going to use them. It’s really that simple. In the “UX” or “User Experience” world, we call that prioritization of functionality. The problem, of course, is people have diverse needs. This unit will go in depth into what user-centered design is and how you can build it into your systems at every level of the design and development cycle.
There are four sections.

  • Section 1 will keep it real by describing how user-center design is all around us in our daily lives.
  • Section 2 will go into the history of user-centered design and how it’s formally defined.
  • Section 3 will delve into the growing body of research that tells us there are age differences in how we seek information and our general preferences and goals, including emotional and effective design.
  • Finally, Section 4 integrates the concept of user-centered design with web design.

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